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Denver Senior Companion Program

Senior Citizens 60 years of age and older volunteer in the Denver Metro Area assisting other at-risk senior citizens

Improving the quality of life as we age

 About Our Program

The Senior Companion Program at Seniors Inc (5840 East Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80222) is all about “Seniors Helping Seniors”.  Senior citizens 60 years of age and older volunteer 15-20 hours per week assisting the at-risk seniors in adult day care centers, hospitals, convalescent centers, senior centers and independent living centers.

Improving Lives

This program improves the quality of life for those serving, as well as those being served.   Life-time friendships are made.  Many of our clients have no family in Colorado or no family at all.  Our Senior Companion volunteers become the family of these lonely, isolated and at-risk senior citizens.

Who is Eligible to Serve

Our volunteers are 60 years of age and older and meet the required income guidelines.  Each companion receives a small stipend.  Senior Companion volunteers also earn vacation/sick time and holiday time.  Volunteers are nominated for local and national awards.  In the past two years we have taken volunteers to Washington, DC to be honored as award recipients.  

How Our Program Works

We initially train you with the Senior Companion program staff.  We offer placement according to skills and interests.  From there you meet numerous individuals and help those seniors who so desperately need a friend and companion.  You in turn enrich your life as well as the lives of those you serve.

A Loving Community

Our program is very diverse. We all learn from each other.  We gather together on a monthly basis to share our stories and learn from speakers throughout the community.  We all have fun together, learn together and share in each others sorrow.  We are one big happy family where love glows and grows.  We have companions who have served well over 15 years and just don’t want to give it up. 

We hold an annual picnic, holiday event and recognition event.  Recognition is all about you and what you give so freely from your hearts in the community.  This program is all about compassion, kindness, love and giving.  As you give you receive tenfold.

Senior Companion Volunteers are very special people – teaching all of us at Seniors Inc gratitude in life.  What you do can never be measured in dollars and cents.  Love has no price tag when it comes from our Senior Companion Volunteers.  Please come join our family.  We always have room for you.

LOVE, KINDESS, COMPASSION, GIVING, SHARING, AND CARING are at your fingertips.  Just give us a call.

Contact Information

Denver Senior Companion Program

Join our circle of love –  learn more about the Senior Companion Program at Seniors Inc

Director: Mary Orem

Recruiter: Murlene Threet
Phone (303) 300-6922

Denver Senior Companion Program
5840 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO  80222

Phone (303) 300-6910

Fax (303) 300-6950


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