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VOA CO Branch - Northern CO RSVP

The Volunteers of America Colorado Branch - Northern Colorado is located in Fort Collins

We feed, we shelter, we support.

About Our Program

Volunteer of America Co Branch - Northern Colorado RSVP provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for community members age 55 or over. We work with over 65 non-profit agencies (stations) in Larimer County.  RSVP offers personalized volunteer placement to adults age 55 and older, drawing upon their lifetime experience, skills and interests to provide needed support to non profit agencies to meet critical needs in the Larimer County community.

Our Mission & Where We Are Headed
We are expanding our mission to welcome and serve the “Baby Boomer” generation of volunteers.

This generation of volunteers brings a significant level of expertise, talent, and skill to the community. Often time constrained, these volunteers are seeking roles in the community that define them as more than volunteers.

Example roles include mentor, coach, leader, advocate, facilitator or adviser. With this approach to volunteerism we are able to bring new civic leadership to the community. It is an expanded part of our mission to include and focus on this population.

Working With Volunteer Agencies (Stations)

Understanding & Meeting Needs
In our efforts to meet critical needs in the community, we work closely with each of our volunteer stations to understand their mission and help them to meet their goals. It is important to understand the unique challenges that face non-profits, especially when resources are dwindling.  We help them to find opportunities to use the unique gifts of volunteers to meet the needs previously handled by staff allowing the staff time to concentrate on their programs.

Further, we can help the station by sharing best practices in volunteer management, recognition, feedback, inclusion, and help them to design meaningful jobs to meet the selective needs of the boomer generation.

By collaborating with stations and civic leadership, our volunteers can play an important role in making our community a better place for all who live here.  We can create a volunteer base that sees the “big picture” and can move our impact and relevance in the community to the next level.

  • Youth Mentoring Initiative – Volunteers of America Northern Colorado Services RSVP program is working with six agencies who provide youth mentoring services in our community to create a one-stop shop for potential Youth Mentors.  Through a grant from the Corporation of National Service we have created a unique partnership in our community to address the need for positive adult role models for youth.  This project will bring together community members who are passionate about youth mentoring and youth activities and help them to work together to recruit, train and assign adult mentors to fill the overwhelming need in Larimer County.  In addition, the project will help bring together our mentors and mentee for group activities and service projects.  If you want to help create change in Larimer County by being a mentor, recruiting mentors or helping in other ways, please contact us at (970) 472-9630 or email

Contact Information

Volunteers of America Northern Colorado RSVP

DirectorCrystal Yates-White

Phone (970) 472-9630
Fax (970) 472-8393


Volunteers of America Northern Colorado RSVP
405 Canyon Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80521


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