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San Luis Valley RSVP

The San Luis Valley RSVP serves a predominantly rural population where towns are few and far between but needs are many. This RSVP has offices is Alamosa and Monte Vista, CO.

An Invitation to Serve

Alamosa, CO Alamosa, CO

About Our Program

There are six counties in the San Luis Valley, a physical area covering 8,200 sq. miles in Southern Colorado.  It is both rural and frontier.  At 7,500’, the climate is that of an alpine valley with moderate summer temperatures but winter nights that can see the mercury drop to -40.

The “barn-building, quilting bee” ethic is still strong here: neighbors help neighbors and no one stays a stranger for long.

RSVP members number fewer than 300, and most serve at more than one site: there are 282 non-profit organizations, 8 school districts, museums in every county and some very unique opportunities for volunteer service. 

With more than 35 years experience here, RSVP is one of the more established organizations, well recognized, supported and appreciated throughout the community.

Contact Information

Alamosa, CO

San Luis Valley RSVP

Director  Patricia Morgan-Lloyd

Phone  (719) 587-5610

Fax  (719) 589-9136

San Luis Valley RSVP
8745 County Rd 9 S
Alamosa, CO 81101

Outreach Coordinator

Carolyn Davis
402 4th Ave.
Monte Vista, CO 81144

Phone  (719) 852-5186

Outreach Coordinator

Norm Crawford Conejos and Costilla Counties

Phone (719) 580-5555

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