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Mesa County RSVP, Inc

This program is located in the city of Grand Junction in Mesa County (Northwestern Colorado near the Utah boarder)

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About Our Program

The main program, RSVP, works with more than 100 public and private human service organizations throughout Mesa County, Colorado to fill long-term and short-term volunteer needs.

Who is Eligible to Serve

Individuals age 55 or older are recruited to fill volunteer positions at these agencies. We help volunteers find fulfillment through a good placement in a long-term position, or find flexibility through a short-term project.


Volunteers get free volunteer insurance, mileage reimbursement, participate in social activities, free learning opportunities, and fun.

Our Signature Projects

The Senior Scholar Project

Mesa County RSVPAddresses the desires of seniors to help children learn, and the needs children have for individual assistance. More than one hundred senior volunteers work in thirty-four local schools. Volunteers are involved in:

  • Individual and group tutoring
  • Special presentations
  • Science and cultural fairs 
  • School libraries and offices
  • Helping teachers grade papers
  • Guiding children through hands-on science displays

The Handyman Project

Mesa County RSVPStarted in 1990 to address the minor home repair needs of limited income seniors, frail elderly and disabled individuals of all ages in Mesa County.  The project’s purpose is to help these elderly and disabled clients remain more independent by helping them continue to live in their own homes as opposed to having to go into institutional care because they cannot properly maintain their home.

SHIP Project

Started in 2008 to help people who are eligible for Medicare Health Insurance navigate their way through this complicated insurance product.  Volunteers receive extensive training to learn about Medicare and all of the plans issues involved and intern they counsel Medicare recipients and help them make better informed decisions about their health care choices. 

One-Time Projects

We offer the flexibility that many people need in their volunteer assignments through our one-time projects.  These are short-term projects that may last a few hours or a few days.  Agencies define a need for a group of volunteers to come in and help with a specific project like a bulk mailing or special event.  Mesa County RSVP activates its list of volunteers that have signed up to do these types of projects and organizes a team of volunteers to go out and assist the agencies with their projects.  Volunteers have the option to help with a given project or pass on the opportunity because of other obligations.  Examples of one-time projects for which we have provided volunteer teams are:

  • Octoberfest

    "It's nice to meet new people and do things that are both fun and challenging.  It is also great to help the community."  Judy Bauman, Mesa County RSVP Volunteer

  • Kiwanis Club Pancake Breakfast
  • Salvation Army Miracle Tree Project
  • Counseling and Education Center yardsale fundraiser
  • Mesa County RSVP quarterly newsletter preparation

Contact Information

Mesa County RSVP, Inc


Executive Director - Jean Brewer

Office Manager - Aleta Ballard

Administrative Assistant - Amber Hodges

Volunteer and SHIP Manager - Ruth McCrea

Handyman, Senior Scholar and Money Saving Medicare Projects Manager - Marsha Kearns

Senior Mediare Patrol Regional Coordinator - Jeanne Fox

Phone (970) 243-9839
Fax (970) 245-4808

Mailing Address
Mesa County RSVP
PO Box 1077
Grand Junction, CO  81502

Physical Address
Mesa County RSVP
422 White Avenue
Lower Level, US Bank Building
Grand Junction, CO  81501


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