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High Country RSVP

High Country RSVP works with about 55 nonprofit agencies throughout Garfield County. The office is located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

An Invitation to Serve

About Our Program

Partner agencies vary widely to offer diverse volunteer opportunities. Examples include: hospitals, food banks, senior centers, youth programs, literacy projects, museums, schools, animal shelters and much more.

High Country RSVP is people helping people. High Country RSVP offers older individuals a chance to try something new, do things they may have always wanted to do or continue using their life experience for their community.  High Country RSVP provides support and assistance to agencies in their efforts to best serve the county through working to meet the critical needs of their local communities.

High Country RSVP was launched in 1973 as a locally directed, but federally legislated grant program.  The Corporation for National and Community Service oversees all RSVP projects. There are over 850 RSVP projects nationwide, with over 500,000 volunteers donating more than 80 million hours of service.  Colorado Mountain College has sponsored High Country RSVP since 1978.

Who is Eligible to Serve

RSVP membership is free and is available to any individual aged 55 and older.


Members of RSVP may receive supplemental automobile liability and medical (accident) insurance, life insurance, newsletters, recognition, and the opportunity to take part in a national network of active, older adult volunteers while making a local impact.

Contact Information

High Country RSVP

Director:  Patty Daniels


Phone:  (970) 947-8461
Fax:  (970) 947-8488

High Country RSVP
1402 Blake Avenue
Glenwood Springs, Colorado  81601


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