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RSVP - An Invitation to Serve

RSVP connects volunteers age 55 and over with service opportunities in their communities that match their skills and availability. From building houses to immunizing children, from enhancing the capacity of non-profit organizations to improving and protecting the environment, RSVP volunteers put their unique talents to work to make a difference.

Choose How to Serve


Flexibility in Serving

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RSVP offers maximum flexibility and choice to its volunteers as it matches the personal interests and skills of older Americans with opportunities to serve their communities.

RSVP volunteers choose how and where they want to serve—from a few hours to more than 40 hours a week. RSVP volunteers provide hundreds of community services, such as:

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  • Tutoring children in reading and math
  • Building houses
  • Helping get children immunized 
  • Modeling parenting skills to teen parents
  • Participating in neighborhood watch programs
  • Planting community gardens
  • Providing counsel to new business owners
  • Offering relief services to victims of natural disasters
  • Helping community organizations operate more efficiently

Who can be an RSVP volunteer

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RSVP provides service opportunities for those who want to make a difference in their communities while maintaining the flexibility to decide who and how frequently they serve.

RSVP volunteers must be at least 55 years of age.

RSVP volunteers are able to put their unique talents to work for community and faith-based organizations that are significant to them. In addition, they receive the following benefits:

  • Pre-service orientation
  • On-the-job training from the agency or organization where they are placed
  • Supplemental insurance while on duty

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