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Pueblo Foster Grandparent Program

The Foster Grandparents volunteer throughout Pueblo County serving children with special needs - primarily in Schools, Day Cares and Head Start classrooms. Our office is located in Pueblo, CO.

Serving Our Community with a Touch of Love


About Our Program

This intergenerational program gives participants the opportunity to share a lifetime of experience with today’s youth while remaining active in the community.

Who is Eligible to Serve

“It is a beautiful work experience and very fulfilling physically, mentally and spiritually.”

- Vera Sotter,
Pueblo FGP

The Foster Grandparent Program is for energetic individuals age 60 and older who enjoy working with children.

How Our Program Works

Foster Grandparents are assigned to either a community non profit or public agency and volunteer 20 hours per week with children.  Foster Grandparents can apply to volunteer at any of Pueblo School District 60's many programs including Day Care, Head Start, or Literacy within the school classroom.

In Pueblo the program has been providing volunteer opportunities for seniors to serve as mentors, tutors, and caregivers for children with special needs since 1980.



By meeting the Income Guideline, Foster Grandparents receive a tax-free stipend for their volunteer work that does not affect any benefits that they might be receiving.

In addition to the tax-free stipend Foster Grandparent volunteers receive reimbursement for transportation, assistance with meals, an annual physical examination, and accident and liability insurance.  Foster Grandparents participate in a 40 hour orientation and monthly in-service training throughout their service.


The influence of a Foster Grandparent can have a lasting impact on a child’s educational experience which would be to succeed in school and continue on to higher education.


The Foster Grandparent Program is Federally funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Contact Information

Pueblo Foster Grandparent Program

Director:  JoAnn Weldon


230 N Union Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81003

Phone (719) 545-8900

Fax (719) 544-7831

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